Kudos to good health. Kudrinko’s adds Floral family of products.

We’re proud to announce that we are now carrying the Flora family of natural supplements products at our store. As part of our continuing effort to make top quality food products available our our customers we decided that it was time for us to include natural supplements to our product offering.

Why did we choose Flora? Well, for starters our family has been using the product a number of years now. We know the quality Flora, Salus, and Udo’s offers it users and we didn’t want to mess around carrying inferior brands. Because we have experience with the products ourselves we feel confident in making them available to you. 

Joanne Rothwell will be taking the lead for us with respect to our supplements department. Joanne is eager to share information with our customers about the products and we have enrolled her in the Canadian Health Food Association’s Certified Natural Foods Products Advisor Course. This is a year long course that Joanne will complete through distance education from here at the store. We’re thrilled that Joanne has taken on this challenge and we know she’ll do a great job.

Within the Flora family of products you’ll find great vitamins and supplements under the Flora label. Udo’s enzymes, oils and probiotics provide great health and digestive benefits too. If you’re looking for a great Calcium/Magnesium supplement look no further the Salus brand. Salus offers a great herbal cough syrup too. And looking for a great tasting multivitamin for kids? Salus’ liquid Kindervital Multivitamin tastes great so your kids will happily take it.

A great way to learn more about natural health products, ask experts for advice, get great healthy recipes and keep informed through Flora’s Inspiring Health magazine is to sign up for the Flora Community. It’s free!

Kudos to good health!

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