Your fridge door is a computer…

Well, not really, but with QR Codes we can do really cool things with our smart phones. I’m not a huge techie but I’m intrigued by the use of QR Codes and their application to the retail world. QR Codes are a 2 dimensional bar code that are able to store an immense amount of information. You can link them to web sites, phone numbers, virtual business cards (v-cards), or attach text to them.

Smart phone users simply have to download a free QR Code scanner to their phones. The applications are simple to use. For instance if the QR Code is linked to a website, when you scan the code your phone’s browser will automatically open up to the page that is embedded in the QR Code.

One of the coolest applications for QR Codes in the grocery industry to date was implemented in South Korea. QR Codes are very popular in Asia, and Tesco took advantage of the high rate of QR Codes to create a virtual grocery store in the country’s subway. Check out the video below:

As much as I would love to implement something as cool as Tesco’s virtual grocery store here in Westport, I’m thinking we might have a hard time getting town council to approve the construction of a subway system. That’s not to say that we can’t find useful ways to adapt this technology even in a village of 700 people.

I’ve just finished ordering 1000 fridge magnets that we’ll be distributing here in the store to our customers. I was speaking with one customer the other day who told me that she loves being able to access our specials on-line through her smart phone. These fridge magnets will have a QR Code on them that will link the user directly to our Specials page on our website,


Kudrinko's QR Code Fridge Magnet

So next time you go the fridge to start planning your next shopping trip to Kudrinko’s you might well be looking at your kitchen appliances in a whole new light. Fridge magnets will be available at the cash starting in early February.

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