COVID 19 Ordering Procedures

We’re starting to hear back from Snow Birds returning from the US. People returning from abroad, or exhibiting symptoms must self-isolate. This means NOT coming to the grocery store. Click here to use our shop from home option. if possible place your orders 24 hours prior to your return. Also, please make sure to order enough food for the week. Due to high demand we may not be able to accommodate more than one online order per week. Thank you for your assistance in this challenging time.


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4 responses to “COVID 19 Ordering Procedures

  1. Pat Gifford

    Neil, thank you for ensuring we will be able to grocery shop. However, my technology skills are limited. I don’t do any business transactions on line. What would be my options, if any?

  2. Toby Stewart

    Neil and Martha… Well thought through! Cheers – Toby

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