Kudrinko’s Online Order

Kudrinko’s is pleased to offer pick and delivery services for customers who choose not to visit the store in person. Due to ongoing labour shortages, beginning September 1st, we have made some changes to our service including service fees.

  • Orders must be placed by 9PM the day before delivery.
  • Order pick service charge $5
  • Order delivery service charge $5
  • Phone order transcription service charge $5
  • Minimum for delivery outside of Westport $50

Delivery Schedule as follows: Monday: No Deliveries Tuesday: Westport, Newboro, Crosby, Portland, Chaffey’s Lock. Wednesday: Westport, Newboro, Crosby Lake, Althorpe, Bollingbrooke, Bob’s Lake (North), Crow Lake. Thursday: Westport, Newboro, Wolfe Lake Friday: Westport, Newboro, Crosby, Portland, Chaffey’s Lock.

Also, please note as of August 2022 we are discontinuing our Kudos2You platform as we rationalize costs associated with these services. We have opted to stay with this simplified order form as it is the preferred order method used by most of our customers.