Kudrinko’s Flyer

Our new flyer has been optimized for viewing on our mobile device. Flip through to see all the great deals throughout the store.

5 responses to “Kudrinko’s Flyer

  1. Darren Greek

    Looks Great !!

  2. Helen Bell

    some great specials..I shall be in later this afternoon to pick some up!!

  3. Pam

    where is the chicken bone in featured in the flyer from??

  4. Toby Stewart

    Thanks for our first online order and pickup today Neil & Martha;
    I noticed that people are still entering the store to shop, and I may have been overly prudent while following the general rule to
    “Assume that I am contagious, and Assume that everyone else is contagious” — which is clearly not (yet) the case.

    Nonetheless, I did appreciate very much your picking our order from the store, and bagging it, and having Monique bring it out to the van so I could load it from the cart — all of this was #ZERO PERSONAL CONTACT… and it worked well.

    This level of caution probably isn’t needed yet for most … but anyone could be a-symptomatic (=without symptoms) and still carry the virus and be able to spread it.

    You and your Team are really appreciated — thanks for keeping us fed!
    Stay Well Everyone

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