Winter Hours  (January-April)                          Regular Hours

Sunday                 9am-5pm                                   Sunday                      8am-6pm

Monday                8am-6pm                                  Monday                     8am-6pm

Tuesday                8am-6pm                                  Tuesday                     8am-6pm

Wednesday          8am-6pm                                  Wednesday              8am-6pm

Thursday              8am-6pm                                  Thursday                 8am-6pm

Friday                    8am-6pm                                  Friday                       8am-8pm

Saturday               8am-6pm                                   Saturday                 8am-6pm

8 responses to “Hours

  1. Seamus Cowan

    Showed the girls at the cash how the QR code works!

  2. They were just telling me! Do me a favour, would you? Please tell us what you think on my blog post our this project. https://kudrinkos.com/2012/01/25/your-fridge-door-is-a-computer/

  3. Betty Jo MacDougall

    Wow, excellent!

  4. What are your holiday hours for 2013? Specifically are you open Boxing Day?

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